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Summing up the October blogging challenge

October has come and gone and so has the blogging challenge I set for myself.

I had initially decided to try to blog once a day every day during October which would mean I would get to the end of the 31st with at least 31 blog posts written. I knew it would be a busy month so thought that, if necessary, I would just post some YouTube video or whatever interesting Ted talk I had watched on a day when I didn’t have time to write anything else.

Then I decided that there was really no point in posting stuff like that just to fill up the blank space – the old “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all” adage came to mind. After all, this was a challenge for myself, to try and get me into the habit of blogging (and writing) as often as possible. A YouTube video to replace a blog post wasn’t going to help that, really.

I started off well. In fact, I managed to publish on blog post every day until the 14th, when I didn’t publish anything. It was okay because I had published two blog posts the day before and then published another two the day after.

From the 15th onwards, things got slightly harder. I travelled through different timezones to Singapore and worked my butt off so couldn’t keep up with blogging and everything else. Nothing was published between the 15th and the 19th, when I sat on the hotel lobby and posted a quick recap of my Singapore trip. And then another break… travelling back to New Zealand (stopping over in Australia) took a total of 15 hours and I came back to the office with about 3.5 tonnes of work to do before setting out on an overnight hike, which I blogged about four days after the Singapore blog post. The next day, to try and catch up, I published another two blog posts. For some reason, I skipped the 25th and didn’t blog on that day, but got back into it the day after with another two blog posts (one of them fairly long). From then on, I’ve blogged every day until today, the 31st, including two blog posts on the 29th and three today (!).

In total, I posted 30 blog posts in October. I know I’m one short and I could quickly pick a funny cat photo or something else to put up here and get a better result on this challenge. But what would be the point? I don’t think that would make this self-imposed blogging challenge any more successful. I really feel like blogging as become a habit again and, regardless of whether some blog posts are more interesting than others, I’ve enjoyed documenting everything I’ve documented here this month.

Here’s a roundup of the most read posts from October, in case you feel like a trip down short-term memory lane:

  1. Leitch’s Track, Whareorino Forest, New Zealand
  2. lomo love
  3. distance means nothing
  4. crouch, touch, pause, engage!
  5. a photo tour of new plymouth, new zealand
  6. running randoms
  7. a small photo tour of Sintra’s many Sintras
  8. vanilla cupcakes with passionfruit icing
  9. Fado (and other weird expat behaviour)
  10. How much did this run suck? Let me count the ways. 
November will be a very different story. I’ll be focusing on my off-work writing efforts on NaNoWriMo and a lot of the rest of my free time will be taken up with half-marathon training. But I’m sure I’ll squeeze in the time to stop by as often as possible to document all of those things too.

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a random photo and five random facts

here's a photo that has nothing to do with the rest of the post.


Since I took up the challenge of blogging every day in October (as training for writing every day for NaNoWriMo next month), this is the first day when there was actually a chance it wasn’t going to happen. Mainly because of how busy/tired I am. I’m lacking time but I’m mostly lacking inspiration – two things I’m going to have to deal with a lot during NaNoWriMo.

Anyway, for lack of something else to talk about but to avoid ruining the challenge on my first week into it, here’s a post about nothing in particular and a few things in general.

  • Today, at work, I had to write about Steve Jobs’ death. I didn’t think I would care much about this sort of news but, a bunch of photo slideshows, videos and written biographies later, it’s a real shame for the world that he’s left because, at only 56, I’m sure he could still create a lot more innovative things.
  • Yesterday, I went for a 6km run by myself. It sucked. And not (just) because I was by myself but also because I was wearing old Nike shoes (since my proper running shoes were still drying) and the stupid old things gave me a giant blister 3km in. Running the rest of the way back home was really not my idea of a good time.
  • My running buddy and I met up to do something other than run, something that has been quite rare lately. This time, I was her +1 at the opening night of the “show me shorts” film festival. It was at Capitol Cinema on Dominion Road, in Auckland, and it was my first time there. Such a pretty place!
  • Also, in today’s chapter of “where have you been all my life?”: dried cranberries. How did it take me 27 years to try them? What other amazing stuff have I been missing out on?
  • Oh, I found out that The Inbetweeners Movie is going to be released in NZ at the end of the month and that made me happy.
See you tomorrow!


Pre-challenge challenge


WordPress reckons that I should write a post every day in October. It’s a sort of pre-challenge challenge, in anticipation of NaNoWriMo, which starts on 1 November and which I decided to do again this year, because I’m clearly a big freaking idiot. I’ve got a lot coming up in November, such as, oh I don’t know, another half marathon for which I haven’t even started training (crap!), the whole full time job thing which, as the description suggests, takes up quite a bit of time, concerts (portishead coming to auckland – yes!) and other activities that I stupidly signed up for while at the same time deciding to try to write 1,667 words a day during the 30 days of November.

I’m not taking this whole one post a day in October thing very seriously but I also don’t think it’s a terrible idea, to get me into the right mood for the November madness (hello, big fat giant bags under my eyes!). So yes, I hear ya WordPress, I’ll give this one post a day thing a go, if it helps getting my ass into gear for November.

I’ll probably cheat though, just so you know. Just a bit. You know, here and there. If I struggle to come up with something to write about because life has been sort of uneventful, I might just make it a “photo a day challenge” for that day. Or I might just slap you with a random You Tube link. Or even pre-schedule posts if I don’t think I’ll be able to blog on a particular day.

Or, if I wanted to be a real cheater, I could write a post about writing a post a day for a month and have it count towards that final goal.

1 October = done!