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It’s my birthday so I’ve got a gift for you


Did you notice how great yesterday was? That’s because it was my birthday.

(Also, little bit of free useless trivia for you, it was also Left Handers Day so, being left handed, I use that as an excuse to celebrate twice as hard every year. Keep that in mind when you think about buying me only one gift next year.)

I kind of love birthdays. It’s like a second chance to start on (and likely fail at) the resolutions you forgot about four days into the new year.

Also, presents and attention. I’m a sucker for both of those.

With most of my friends galavanting around the Northern Hemisphere on their incredibly poorly-timed holidays (those bastards), this birthday is a bit quieter. But it was still pretty good. It included lunch with friends in the sun (with the weather even tricking me into thinking I was having my birthday in the correct hemisphere), cool gifts, flowers, cute cards and a really nice dinner. It also included an early morning run, which even Nike was amazed at.

Weird, I know, Nike.

Weird, I know, Nike.

This birthday morning run was just one of the many responsible grown up things I’ve done in the last few hours. I’m way wiser now, you guys. Like, totally a grownup. For the first time in months, I was in bed before midnight, another “responsible grown up” move I made in the first few hours of this new, wiser age.

But wait, there’s more responsible grownup stuff. Mum gave me full access to her credit card to buy myself a nice gift. Young and cray-cray SGG, given access to this sort of thing, would have been all over the Christian Louboutin site checking the shipping options to New Zealand. This newer wiser version of me, however, didn’t even get to triple digits and spent money on things like running shorts and a new yoga mat. I could almost hear mum’s sigh of relief from this side of the world when I forwarded her the purchase confirmation email.

Oh, and I opened a business bank account. How’s that for grownup? Sure, I have no idea what to do with it and I’m dreading my first tax return filing deadline thingy, but I’m now officially a “solopreneur” which is a really fancy way of saying I’m responsible for finding my own income every month, which is equal parts exciting and terrifying.

(Actually, it’s mostly just terrifying but I’m trying to keep this upbeat so play along and don’t ruin my birthday post, please.)

The other thing that comes with being a much wiser, mature and responsible adult is the ability to accept that other people can have nice things too and it’s ok if someone gets something nice for free and you don’t get it too. Apparently.

I think you’ve noticed I love a bright running outfit. Bright running gear makes me happy and anything that makes me happy should make you happy because otherwise you’re a jerk who wants me to be unhappy and no one likes jerks like that. So don’t do it.

Knowing how much I love my bright Pro Compression socks, the lovely folks at Pro Compression decided SGG readers should get another gift, even though it’s my birthday and not yours. Trust Pro Compression to teach me this invaluable lesson about maturity and selflessness (and missing out on free socks).

One of the lovely people who were patient enough to read this entire post will win a pair of Pro Compression Marathon Socks – a sweet, sweet gift valued at US$50. You get to choose which ones you want but if I see you wearing the retro ones and I don’t have a pair of my own yet, then we’ll have problems (how awesome are those? I KNOW!).

Old photo because I couldn’t be bothered taking a new one and, really, they’re the same damn socks.

I’m going to make this really easy for you. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what kickass thing you think I should do in the next 364 days before I reach the big three-oh. Did you do anything super cool in your twenties? Are you still in your twenties? Have you got long to go before your thirties? If you said yes to that last one, I don’t think I like you that much. But anyway, tell me everything! I’m going to leave the giveaway open until 21 August and you come back and comment as many times as you like. Each comment is an entry so the more ideas you give me, the more chances you have to win.

Clearly, the older I turn the nicer I become – I bet you can’t wait for next year!

Well, I can, so settle down.

Now, the not-so-fine print:
– Pro Compression is sponsoring this giveaway because they’re awesome. This means they’re providing you with the socks but that’s where the deal ends. They don’t pay me to tell you they’re awesome.   But they are.
– This giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world. Yes, even you. I live right at the bottom of the world and their socks get to me which means they can get anywhere on the planet.

99 thoughts on “It’s my birthday so I’ve got a gift for you

  1. Hey. 30 half marathons in your 30th year! Love the writing!

  2. You should come run one of the great walks with this guy (Julian Bee) who also happens to be a mate and I might tag along too – and check out his website too –
    Oh yeah you are awesome too – hopefully see ya in Taupo – Happy Bday and all that jazz..

  3. You should definitely get to central otago and run the Northburn 100!!! If you do it I’ll do it! And this is coming from a ‘mature student’ teacher ( gotta love that term! ) with two kids who has had the last two months off running! We can limp over the line together with dreams of cheese wine and chocolate. ..

    • You know I immediately googled it to check the date, right?! Unfortunately, it’s on the same month as Tarawera so it might have to be something I do during my 30th year on the planet. Wait til 2015? 😉

  4. How could I not comment on those amazingly fluorescing socks!!! Personally I love the “other brands” one with a nice pink heart on the side, but since I have bloke-sized feet, they wouldn’t fit 😦 (I love your green tutu too)

    Ah, I get where you are coming from in your last 364 days of being 2.. before turning 3… I turned 4… this year. I celebrated my by getting my belly button pierced, which 10 years ago was quite adventurous! Not anymore.
    Do one thing that scares you, do one thing for someone to make them smile without them knowing and don’t tell anyone ever, do a hairstyle that you have been dreaming of since Barbie and Cinderella were your idols, stand at the top of a volcano and scream “I’m standing on a volcano” (see what happens – works a treat with kids), re-evaluate what it means to be grown up and swear never to go there. Laugh. A lot. Every day in fact, for 364 days.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. I have a couple more years before I hit the big 3-0, but our birthdays are super close! I mean, they can’t be that close since they aren’t the same day, but they are within a week or so of each other. I would say that you should travel to one place you have always wanted to go but never thought you would. I’ll be wearing my purple pro compression socks to work thank you very much. How awesome are the neon swirl ones?!

  6. I’m totally into running now, but somthing cool I did in my teens & twenties was cycle touring. So why don’t you just throw your gear in some pannier bags on the back of your bike and head off for a few weeks of unplanned exploration. You see the world differently from a bike and you meet the coolest people at backpackers.

  7. Learn a martial art 🙂 then you would really be able to kick ass 😀

  8. Run a marathon, oh yeah you’ve done that! Run an ultra, oh yeah your gonna do that! How about running an off road half in every region of NZ, great way to see all the sights and I’m sure all your loyal followers would offer to run along with you and give you a couch to crash on!

  9. I agree with the Northburn comment… I’m doing the 50 next year, my first ultra… Need to get these puny legs in hill climbing condition!

  10. You should do the Tararua Mountain Race! Only ’cause this is my ultimate fitness goal…at present…or organize a running event!

  11. Get your motorbike license and join us riding from Sydney to London. You can earn more cred, because you would be riding from Auckland to the airport and the flight to Sydney… and that’s a few more KMs surely.

  12. Go skydiving wearing a tutu 🙂

    It’s my birthday too!!

  13. Go skydiving! Or if you’re chicken like me, go rappelling instead.

  14. Learn a new language!

  15. I say visit a different city every week! I never did anything super fun in my 20s and now I”m heading into my mid 30s, something needs to change!

  16. I am (ahem) more than thirty, and on those big round-number birthdays I travel. Love seeing new places! Happy birthday!

  17. I’m running with my mom in her first ever 5K!

  18. Those socks are amazing! Happy birthday!

  19. Run in 30 different countries!

  20. Soooooo, happy birthday from the other side of the third rock from the sun 🙂 Let me think, what I would do before reaching my thirties… oh wait… i’m 6 years late! damn, time goes by fast! O well… in my bucket list, for now, there is skydiving, learn to flight an aircraft and run a marathon… as far as i know, one of them you’ve already done…. so take your pick!

  21. Drink 30 bottles of wine AND run 30 marathons….a bottle during each marathon. Who needs salt tablets and electrolytes when you got vino coursing thru your veins!

    By the way, hangovers are a bitch once you hit 30.

  22. I just turned 25 and had a pretty blah birthday. It has only fueled me to live life to the fullest and do what I wanna do because there is no time like the present. I’d say take a spontaneous trip to a city you’ve always wanted to go to. On my bucket list is to fly first class somewhere.

    • Spontaneous trips are the BEST! I’m lucky to have flown first class before but, let me tell you, the downside is that it absolutely ruins economy class for you forever. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. 😉

  23. I’m an old woman. I entered my 30’s 7 years ago. Yikes! Getting close to the ancient 40’s. I gave birth 5 times before I was 30, although I’m guessing you don’t want that fun little project to tackle in the next 364 days unless you want quintuples and push them all out in one day. I don’t suggest that method.

    One thing I personally found in my 30’s is that my body began to massively fall apart. I can almost track it down to starting the very day of my 30th birthday. Encouraging to know, right?!?! It has a point though. I think you should tackle an ultra before you turn 30. Do it while your your youthful, although obviously wise & mature, body can handle it well. Sure, you can do it in your 30’s. Plenty of time for plenty of ultras. I wish I had discovered them in my 20’s.

    • You are SO NOT OLD. I’m a little late to the whole giving birth five times thing (but, damn woman, go you!). I’ve registered for an ultra next March so it’ll be before I’m 30. Yay! 😀

  24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Holdonafreakingsecondhere… you’re only 29?!?!?!?! Ohmigosh, I GUESS I’ll keep reading your blog. Kidding!!! Only think I suggest is a HUGE party for 3-0! Oh and run an ultra. I know you got that.

    No need to enter me in the contest- I have enough Pro Compression socks to last me 29 years- just wanted to HBD! 🙂

  25. Hmm, how about running Leadville???

  26. Happy Birthday 🙂 how abut running the Kepler? And if you feel old I’m about to turn 45 and the alternative to getting old really sucks!

  27. Happy Birthday! Pre-30 bucket list suggestion #1 from me is to do a Tough guy/girl challenge.

  28. Suggestion #2 – Bungy Jump! Thats if you haven’t already. Also suggesting it because I’m too scared to do it myself so will push you to do it instead

  29. Happy birthday, SGG! You just reminded me that we’re born in the same year and that I have just 456 days before I turn 30, too…yikes.

    You’re already doing something kickass – striking out on your own as a solopreneur. You could write a book? Lots of journalists have ideas rattling around in their heads or bottom drawers.

    Or run races all round Southeast Asia (and come visit Singapore)!
    Or, you know, try a thlon. 😉

  30. hahaha! You confirm that August-born people are just the best. AND you’re also left handed? I’m a little mad that you live on the bottom of the world thereby limiting the likelihood of us ever meeting in real life. Try not to become 100% responsible and boring before the 3-0. That’s all the advice I’ve got. Happy belated birthday!

  31. Happy Late Birthday!
    Well, since I’m not 30 yet, I have hope for mine:

    1.) Run the Boston marathon by qualifying (at least once)
    2.) Skydive. (So far the only thing stopping me is money and I’m a little nervous)
    3.) Hot air balloon as a backup for skydiving.
    4.) More goals pending

    I never knew it was lefties day! Glad to know that others are left-handed

    Anyhow, I hope you get to have year worth remembering!

  32. Happy Birthday!! I’m 29 and will celebrate the 1-year anniversary of my 29th birthday in March (see what I did there?), so I’m also trying to check a bunch of things off my bucket list. I’m on vacation right now and we’re going on a StandUp Paddle Board tour tomorrow. (I’m reasonably certain I’m going to be disastrous…I am not coordinated) But, in the spirit of trying new things, if you haven’t done it, you should give it a go!

  33. Happy birthday!!! Still in my 20s for a couple more years – yay! You should do an international marathon – like a really big one that would be super amazing!

  34. Go diving at the poor knights – it’s amazing!

  35. 1. I travelled on my 1st overseas trip days before I turned 21 (USA & Canada). Worked at a camp, was great fun.
    Not super cool, but I did push out 2 kids, at 26 and then at 28.
    2. No, I’m in my 30’s

    You could try a 30 day running streak. even if it’s only 1km a day.
    You could do a 30km trail run in another country (like Australia).
    You could do something totally out of your element, like a tough mudder or a spartan race.
    Or you could run from the top end of NZ to the bottom end. Don’t know how long that would take, but it’s an idea that’s for sure. Btw why am i assuming you are in NZ? For some reason I have in my head that you are… I should check that .

  36. You’re all spring chickens – trying to decide what to do for my big 5 oh-no later this year! Lots of fun suggestions here but what about the day itself? Why not have a running birthday party. We could all come and wear pink socks, tutus, hats – whatever you want really and have wine at the water stops and birthday cake at the finish. Everyone could make a donation to a charity of your choice and so you could start the next exciting decade spreading the love and feeling super-awesome about yourself. We all know you’re super-awesome anyway!

  37. Run a half marathon with me – sub 2 hour

  38. Happy Birthday!!!
    I agree with those who say to do a marathon in another county! In another hemisphere even…you should try to get into NYC, though that wouldn’t be before your next birthday…so…LA is a good one too.

    I haven’t been 30 for almost 20 years now (ugh!) and I’m celebrating my entire 50th year by do all of a series of running events put on by a very special company! Keepin’ it young!!

    Did I say Happy Birthday?
    BTW – after you get all mature and stuff at 30, you start getting immature again at 40 🙂

  39. Looks like people have my same idea. Run 30 more races before 30! OR bungee jump! Or (I don’t know where you live) But do like 30 14er hikes, or any hike in general.

    But, to answer your question, i’m still in my 20’s, 26 to be exact.

  40. Go dive a wreck. I love scuba diving in an old abandoned ships.

  41. Go on a 364 day running streak! Yeah, that’s right just get out, run any distance, EVERY day. 😉

  42. I think you shoUld write a post called, “The time I accidentally ran Comrades.”

  43. Happy Birthday!
    Ooh I’m just in time (for the giveaway, not your birthday!) I think you should get 30 30 year olds to run 30km on your 30th!

  44. Happy Birthday! I think Birthday runs are the best!! Kick ass thing to do, join a relay team. Run in a team event somewhere incredible. Get amongst that sweaty, post race feeling with your team mates

  45. Aww. I was going to suggest skydiving but since other people have already suggested that, I’ll give a nod to the person who suggested visiting a volcano. How cool would that be??

    I’m 51 and not a runner but I do walk as much as I can and have been trying to get healthier by moving my limbs and using the gym as well as trying not to eat everything in sight. My last entry was stolen and went to the land of lost socks. I could use a pair of socks for the gym. 🙂

  46. Love my socks. Have a ton of them.

  47. Happy Birthday! You should travel! We went to Hawaii, the Galapagos and The Virgin Islands 🙂

  48. Happy Birthday!! How about rappelling down a building? I just read about a lady who is doing it off of a building in the centre of town to raise money for charity – sounds like fun!!

  49. i think you should climb mt. kilimanjaro in tanzania. you can combine it with a safari too!

  50. If you haven’t already, I would recommend skydiving! Or paragliding even.

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