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Pro Compression socks giveaway



No, I’m not giving you my own compression socks. That’d be a little gross. But I’m giving you brand new socks, cooler than the socks your grandma gives you for Christmas!

Alright, you lot, listen up. Having Super Generic Girl in your browser history, as embarrassing and hard to explain as it might be sometimes, might finally pay off.

The good people over at Pro Compression decided you deserved to be rewarded for coming here and, among other things, reading me as I go on and on about how much I love compression socks and running and anything else that may or may not be even remotely related to running. Aren’t they cool? I agree.

Remember how I got my lime Pro Compression socks earlier this month and it gave me extra motivation to go out for a run? I’ve been practically living in those things (fashion tip: lime green goes with EVERYTHING) and getting compliments from a bunch of people (who obviously have great taste). Some people make a distinction between compression socks for recovery and performance compression socks, that you can wear while working out. My compression socks get worn during that really technical period of a training programme commonly known as “whenever I feel like it”. I find that they really help me if I wear them while running, as my legs don’t get tired or feel as heavy. They’re also great for post-running recovery (I sleep in compression socks more often than I’m prepared to admit).

Now it’s your turn to give them a try. Yours don’t have to be as bright as mine, even (but if you ask me, they should). Pro Compression is giving one lucky Super Generic Girl reader a pair of their marathon compression socks, whatever size or color suits you. If you want to go for the more neutral black or white, go for it. I won’t judge. Much.

These socks are unisex and can be worn before, during and after your workout. They are designed and manufactured in the USA using high quality materials. Plus – and this is where my technical expertise comes in – they look really good. So, yeah, you need to be rocking these out while you’re running, cycling, or whatever it is that you do to stay fit.

I’m going to keep it real simple. Since I love my bright Pro Compression socks, all I’m going to ask you to do, to enter the giveaway, is leave a comment on this post telling me what is brightening your day today. Are you having a day off work? Did you have a really spectacular coffee at a place you can’t wait to tell me about? Did you bump into an old friend? Just say it! For a bonus entry, head to Facebook and “like” Super Generic Girl on there, then leave me an additional comment telling me you’ve done so. You can enter as many times as you like by leaving comments over the next 10 days and the more you comment, the higher are your chances of winning.

On January 20, I’m going to announce the winner so, basically, you have 10 whole days to tell me what’s making you happy on that particular day. Sharing positive stuff and all that jazz. Couldn’t be easier, right? Right. In the mean time, get commenting and share the love among those you know. If you already have enough pairs of compression socks (if there is such a thing as “enough pairs of compression socks”), then you should enter on behalf of the special runner in your life and automatically qualify for part of their inheritance.

Hey girl

Not so small print because I’m not even changing the font size:Β 
– This giveaway is sponsored by Pro Compression. The socks come from them, the opinions come from me.

The giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world. This is the internet, after all. World Wide Web and stuff. The folk at Pro Compression get that. I live right down here at the bottom of the world in New Zealand so, if my pretty lime socks got to me, they can get to wherever you are.


88 thoughts on “Pro Compression socks giveaway

  1. Me me! What’s brightening my day? The thought of going to Waiheke Island this weekend!

  2. Pick me…. Whats brightening my day? My sister is coming home from Singapore and she said she has presents for me…. it might be a monkey or a T Shirt saying I LOVE SG or new clothes…. thinking about what it will be is making me just that little bit happier.

  3. Girl, I absolutely love reading your posts! That’s what has brightened my day today!! πŸ˜€ That RG meme is hilarious! I’m off to share on twitter, blog, etc etc…But I’ll be back because one of my “30 Things on my 30th” is to do a 10km run more often (yes, I no, not even close to a half M but no judging!) and those compression socks (possibly in lime green too) sound just perfect to keep me at it!

  4. Just looking at those socks brightened my day! I can say I would definitely enjoy a pair of those on my feet after a good long run or even sleeping at night to keep my feet warm, too.

  5. A great trip to the park with my baby brightened my day πŸ™‚

  6. Oh I could jam with some florescent compression socks! Running into my friend in WalMart today brightened my day!!

  7. Having a wonderful black bean and corn soup for dinner was a delightful moment in my day.

  8. My spectacular moment today was a friend made me an entire veggie lasagna – just because. It was declicious! (although, i didn’t eat the whole thing at once). I also liked your facebook page!

  9. Just putting it out there, I love green. And, having those socks would bright my day so much that I would start running more often. For now, the beautiful sunshine outside is the only thing brightening my day. Unless you want to count the fact that I now have an ID badge saying Senior RT since 9 a.m. this morning… It’s WWW official now!!!!

  10. Vegan marshmallows are brightening my day. If there’s one thing I miss about being a meat eater is marshmallows, not steak, not bacon, not even fried chicken but fluffy amazing sweetly divine marshmallows. Today I finally hunted down vegan ones at Whole Foods and now my life is COMPLETE. Anyway, I’ve never ever worn compression socks and these would match my also so flourescent new Brooks Launch!

    • Seriously?!?! That’s one of the things I’ve missed since becoming vegetarian 5 years ago…I’m off to Whole Foods today! Thanks!

  11. It’s raining the proverbial cats and dogs here (speaking of which, I get to walk 2 of them in said rain). I could use some compression socks to brighten my day!

  12. My new Mizunos are brightening my day!

  13. CUTE pictures of my nephews that my sisters posted brightened my day!

  14. My day is bright because it is my last day of work before heading to Floriday for a long weekend! Hello sun and warmth!!!

  15. When it comes to running gear (especially compression socks), I think the brighter the better! Today waking up early to get in a good workout before a crazy work day has me in a good mood. πŸ™‚

  16. I love pro compression! I currently only use the calf sleeves but would love to try the socks!
    That shirtless Ryan Gosling pic just really brightened my day πŸ™‚ thanks for that!

  17. My day is brighter today because this is my friday. my weekend starts in a few hours!

  18. “liked” on facebook! I’m happy to have found your blog!

  19. I LOVE ProCompression – I’ve also been known to switch from one pair for a long run into another for recovery, and to then sleep in their calf sleeves. Crazy. Today is my first day off in 3 weeks (other than Christmas Day), so my day should be pretty bright!

  20. Ok, this blog post just brightened my day. Not because it’s a giveaway (although I’m not gonna lie, giveaways are awesome), but I just found this blog for the first time and am already ready to hit subscribe. I love when a blog just speaks to me and grabs my attention! πŸ™‚

  21. I went and liked your fb page too πŸ™‚

  22. And you have officially been “liked” on facebook!

  23. A nice comment from a co-worker brighten my day!

  24. Love ProCompression socks, so pretty and bright πŸ™‚ Well Ryan Gosling was pretty good but hearing how much my friend enjoyed her first go at bootcamp with me yesterday has made my day πŸ™‚

  25. My day is totally being brightened by…the sun! It’s been raining non-stop the past couple of days and it was so nice not having to slosh my way into work this morning!

  26. Finding out I could come into work 2 hrs later than usual! Long run time!

  27. The sunshine during this Ohio winter is brightening my day! πŸ™‚

  28. Had a good 8 mile run at 3:00 AM this morning…

  29. What’s brightening my day is stealing my biyfriend’s spot on the couch and cuddly with our kitty! Haha, having the day off ROCKS.

  30. Love ProCompression!! What’s brightening my day is the fact that it rained all day yesterday!! We needed it here in West TX πŸ™‚

  31. Lime green compression socks with my blue work uniform would brighten up my day. Or rescue 5 beautiful women out of a lift

  32. Today my day is brightened by the sense that I’m finally getting over a horrible cold, that means I can start working out again. I missed it so much too!

  33. My friend fixed my cool as purple basket bike for me so I could take it to Waiheke this weekend and ride around like a hipster. That totally brightened my day – thanks Dan!

  34. Spending time with my daughters.

  35. worked a 10 hour day but my day was brightened by 30 minutes of yoga. So nice to unwind and stretch it all out πŸ™‚

  36. Today is a good day because it’s Friday.

    Not because tomorrow I get to drive a V8 supercar for a few laps around a race track, and not because my new motorbike arrives in a few days.


    Today rocks because it’s a Friday. And yes, that is a valid reason.

  37. Not sure if you meant this competition for guys, but here is mine: This morning while entering the kitchen, my friend’s littlest girl (I live with them) came up and squeezed my leg and said in her sweetest voice “I really am glad you live with us Uncle Ben!” (Uncle Ben is what my friends kiddos call me) It carried me through a very hard day at work and I am still smiling.
    BTW, you gave me a great idea for my blog, just need to find out what sorta thing I can do for a competition.

  38. Picked up my race pack for the Waiheke Wharf2Wharf and I’V WON A SPOT PRICE! That really brightened my day. Have to get to finish first to pick it up.

  39. Whats brighten up my day? That ryan gosling picture in your post and the thought in my head of both of us in green lime compression socks!!!! πŸ™‚

  40. Today my day is being brightened by it being Friday and the first time this busy week I’m able to fit a run in, so addicted hehe πŸ™‚

  41. Today my day was brightened when one of my friends tweeted that I brighten her day!

  42. Today is bright and beautiful because it is my Friday and I am getting ready to get my run on!
    P.S. I liked your facebook page πŸ™‚

  43. Using my lime green foam roller to work on my sore mussles brightens my day every day.

  44. My day is brightened by the fact that it is finally Friday, aka Long Run Eve, and that after that long run I can put on my ProCompression socks and feel like my calves are being hugged. I LOVE them and think the local bagel place must know me as “the gal with the obnoxiously bright pink socks and flip flops” as this is how I’ve entered most weekends since getting my first pair a few months back. πŸ™‚ awesome giveaway!

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  46. I had a great and productive day, which has a fantastic end to a long work week. I end with a big smile on my face.

  47. What is brightening my day is finding out that this contest is open to ANY ONE IN THE WORLD!! I’m from Canada and most blog contests are from US bloggers and only open to US residents. πŸ™‚

  48. Also, just liked you on Facebook (as my blog name Running in Transit)!

  49. I treat myself every Saturday to delicious Chow Foon.

  50. Finishing the Waiheke Warf2Wharf run today and a dip in the ocean after the finish really brightend my dat today.

  51. I had an awesome 8 mile run to brighten my day!!

  52. Today my day is brighter because I get to watch Downton Abby! Plus, I pushed myself at the gym and on my run home.

  53. My weekend was brighter because my best friend joined my gym! She doesnt know whats shes in for!

  54. Finishing my GeoLicense – learners license stage 3 today – that really brightened my day

  55. What brightened my day is coming home from camping and seeing four little eyes staring at me from behind the ranchslider door.

  56. “Base Down Low” coming on the radio this morning brightened my day!

  57. My day is brightened by getting to hang out with my little man today. It’s rainy outside so we are just chillin inside together making pancakes!

  58. Liked your blog on FB!

  59. My 10 y old son bought a Nintendo Wii today – that really brightened my day (and his too)

  60. My legs are so sore today so my light at the end of the tunnel is that today is rest day! And 3 more days until my Disneyland 5k run.

  61. I ran in thunder sleet this morning! Way cool except for the lightning!

  62. AND I liked you on Facebook!

  63. What made me happy today: going for a run outside in January (in Western NY) and not freezing my toosh off! Love this weather! πŸ™‚

  64. I’m happy that I convinced a friend to take a dance class with me to help her get out of a funk! It was great to seen her smile! (& sweat!)

  65. Today my dad was made by my new vanilla coffee creamer. It’s the little things!

  66. Used my lunch break to hike a mountain! Feels good man πŸ™‚ what’s brightening your day?

  67. Having an organic rice cracker with my parents home made strawberry jam (send from Europe) for breakfast really brightened my day

  68. I got a super early run in with a running buddy. And no thunder sneet attacked us this time!

  69. PS – I liked your post on FB but it occurred to me that you have no idea who I am on FB. (You may now.)

  70. 1st day of my holiday today – that really brightened my day!

  71. a half day for school and baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies is making me happy today!!

  72. Coffee!!! It was a long day but I got through it and coffee brightened my day πŸ™‚

  73. “Now it’s your turn to give them a try. Yours don’t have to be as bright as mine, even (but if you ask me, they should). ”

    I agree. I love bright compression socks, and I even thought them as fashionable. πŸ™‚ They are very beneficial especially the Pro Compression socks, which prevents me from having blisters as well prevent the swelling. I love this brand and often buy them online at Legs Therapy ( πŸ™‚

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