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Confessions of a fanny pack wearer



Fanny pack. Bum bag. Hip pack. Call it whatever you want, there’s no denying the lameness. Fanny packs are the Nickelback of bags and loving to hate them is one of those things that brings the world together.

The little waist pouches have been uncool since the beginning of time, even if it’s hard for me to admit it, as a former fanny pack wearer (about 25 or so years ago, because it was the 80s and I had to carry all my miniature toys somehow).

But you know what? You know what’s more stupid than the fanny pack? No, don’t say “nothing”. There’s one thing more stupid than the fanny pack – those stupid coin pockets they put in running shorts. What the hell am I supposed to fit in there? Don’t say “coins”. I’m a journalist, you know I have no money. Nothing – that’s what I carry in those stupid tiny square sacks.

After a first experience with a hydration belt that made me want to stay away from hydration belts forever (that thing bounced more than, well, something really bouncy), I still wanted an alternative to carrying gels, keys and cell phone on my hands on longer road runs (and the hydration backpack, while awesome, is a little too much for some of these).

A few days ago, I ordered a Spibelt and joined all the fanny pack wearers of this world (my next move will be going grocery shopping in my pyjamas and officially give up on everything). I wore it for the first time during the half marathon that wasn’t meant to be a half marathon at all.

You’ll notice I didn’t even go for the discreet black model. Nah. If you’re going to look stupid, do it in polka dots. Giant multi-colored polka dots, to be precise. However, since I wear it around my waist and my running tops usually fall slightly below the waist, no one really gets to admire the fanny pack in all its polka-dotted glory (but I know it’s there, I know that, deep inside, under that dri fit layer, I’m a proud fanny pack wearer).

I don’t even care, society. Judge away. This thing doesn’t move an inch (unlike the cheap hydration belt I’d bought before) and it means I only need to carry water (if I choose to) on my hand during those runs. I’ll still wear the hydration pack for longer distances, especially trails, especially since I carry everything except the kitchen sink in it, but, for other times, I’m a full Spibelt convert. I’m going to go ahead and declare this multi-colored pouch of shame my new favourite running accessory. There, it’s out there. Fanny pack wearer and proud of it.

Now, just before I leave, a little disclaimer: super generic girl makes zero money (unbelievable, I know!). Spibelt doesn’t know I exist and paid me nothing for this post. I’m writing it because I really like the product and, just in case you’re also sick of carrying stuff on your hands while running, you might want to give it a try too. They have all sorts of different models, not just the basic one I went for. Go nuts and embrace the fanny pack.

Oh and also, while I’ve got my hands on the keyboard, a little bit of housekeeping: since Google Reader is on its way out, I’m finding other ways to ensure I get my daily dose of online procrastination in. I’ve signed up for Feedly and am on Bloglovin’ too. There’s always good old Facebook to keep track of new posts but I also finally sat down and started compiling a list of daily reads. I’m sure I’m still missing some but I’ll keep updating it as I remember.


19 thoughts on “Confessions of a fanny pack wearer

  1. This couldn’t be a more timely post. I am in the market for such a belt. I’ve used the pouch on my handheld, and I *do* sometimes use that little pocket in my running shorts (for keys! Keys!! Not money…) . But for a variety of reasons, I’ve been wanting one of the pouches. I just bought a Nathan one – unfortunately, it is black black black, lacking any and all awesome polka dots. 😦

    Worse, though, is that it creeps. I think I’m shaped a bit differently from you, and I want to wear it on my hips. But it keeps riding up. And the belt keeps getting looser. I’ve tried it twice – and both times, it made me crazy! I’m not sure if my compression shorts are too slippery, or…what, but I’m getting massively frustrated. Any brilliant suggestions? It looks like you wear yours somewhere between the widest part of your hips and narrowest part of your waist. Does it really stay in place? If you wore yours lower, would it creep up? Do you put the pouch in the front or the back? Is there any non-slip surface on the back of the spibelt to help it “grip”?

    Sorry for accosting you over this – but it’s been on my mind, and I really need this to work (I’m a running coach and need to carry…STUFF…while I workout with clients!), eventually. Appreciate any thoughts you might have!!! Thanks in advance…

    • I do have a pair of running tights that I don’t think I’ll wear with the Spibelt again – it didn’t move much but it did move when I wore it on them. I guess my best suggestion, in that case, is to wear it on top of your shirt? Mine really stays in place but I had to adjust it to be tight. I wear the pouch sort of sideways, for some reason that feels more comfortable to me. There’s no non-slip surface on the back but, somehow, it seems to work. 🙂

      Hope this helps! If you can, head over to a store, preferably while wearing running gear, and give it a try! This is pretty much the best of its kind that I’ve found although I am also curious to give a flipbelt a go at some point.

      Good luck! 🙂

      • I actually really wanted to try a flipbelt when I was living – and coaching – in the US. But now, in the tropics, I need something with some water-resistance (rain & sweat). Will give it another go, paired with some less slippery bottoms. *fingers crossed* Thanks for the suggestions!

    • Hi Holly & Super Generic Girl —
      wanted to share if I may…have other ways to do this. give me a shout if I can perhaps help. been carrying stuff ON me everyday for 5+ years. Don’t have polka dots YET but do have embellished ones…and more choices w/WHERE on body that you can wear it too. 🙂 I started my company just a little after Kim (w/SB) started hers …(I’d dropped my spare tampon on gym floor and got 2007… so totally an independent creation…but it’s for WAY more than fem hygiene! lol!) Anyway…Kim/SB has over 20 people working there now and she was fortunate enough to have been on Donny Deutsch the “Big Idea” show 2x early on, so that really helped her out. She has a LOT more visibility than me…BUT I have a more versatile product in how it can be used. Plus, PortaPocket is modular, and all the pockets (in 4 different sizes) can be detached, interchanged and moved around. She has a decent product too….no sour grapes at all. just facts. my 1st patent issued in 2010…2nd one pending… 🙂
      Happy trails to you!
      — Kendra @PortaPocketGal (my site is

      • p.s. oh…and I forgot to mention… PortaPocket components are all made from neoprene…so moisture & sweat resistant. They fit all kinds of small & important items from IDs and cards (Small pocket), to cell phones (Med pocket) to passports (Large pocket) and EpiPens (Tall pocket). Goes from a run /workout, to under a dress for a night on the town without skipping a beat.

  2. Bahaha this is great! I would TOTALLY rock a fannypack while running! MORE room for snacks and gels and stuff!! No shame for runners, and I think runners understand the necessity of the extra storage pockets.

  3. The Nickelback of bags…..that’s HI-larious (insert lame Nickelback lyric here…”look at this photograph, every time I do it makes me laugh…”). I am a proud fanny pack wearer and don’t run without mine. I can carry the following essentials in my special fanny pack: clean tissue in one section, used tissue in the other section (allergies suck), Chapstick, snacks, a Nuun tablet, my iPhone and my car key. Plus, I can add 1-2 small water bottles thingies on the belt. I know, right? Can you imagine what my purse looks like?? Love your post!

  4. “Fanny packs are the Nickelback of bags”

    YES ! (I too, have been known to wear a fanny pack, tucked into my pants because the physical discomfort is less than the emotional backlash of sporting the beige blunder in public.

    Great post!

  5. I love my Spibelt…as uncool as it may be…

  6. Ha! Love it. I feel like a super goober whenever I wear my Nathan belt (I went for a bright green model and stuff it so full of stuff that when it’s sitting there under my shirt, it makes a very attractive lump). Mine tends to ride up, so I always fold the top of my shorts down over it, which seems to help. I’m a habitual top-of-the-shorts folder anyway.

  7. Funny story, I actually won a fanny pack from a cross country race in college. Now that I know how cool you made them…maybe I’ll just to wear mine. 😉

  8. I have one, but I admit I am still ashamed of it. I don’t use it much. I’m still working on embracing it. It has been a wonder on long runs and during my marathons though, I do have to say that.

  9. Love your post. I happen to have this exact same SPIbelt. I also own about 5 others. The doubles are great, too, because I can put keys/phone/ID in one pocket and fuel in the other. I often run “shorter” (up to a 1/2 marathon) with a SPIbelt and a fuel belt! Or a handheld and a SPIbelt. I love this polka dot one because technically it goes with everything! To runwithholly, you do not want your belt too loose or it will bounce and ride up or down. I keep a SPIbelt in my car, “just in case!”
    Run with joy!

    • Thanks, Sarah! I actually tried wearing mine REALLY tight – so it didn’t slip – but found it rode up something terrible, and the straps loosened themselves over time. I tried loosening it a bit from the start, to see if that would help – still no dice. Maybe I need to bite the bullet and buy a SPIbelt, which sounds like it’s working well for most people. Ah, well…

  10. I totally agree SPIBelts are great. At first I wore mine under my shirt but have since found its more comfortable on longer runs around my hips. I’m marathon training and take my iPhone & gels in it every run now. I have the waterproof one which is amazing in our rubbish wet winter in the UK.

  11. LOVE my SPIbelt! I actually wore 2 (!) at my first half marathon. One with the pocket in the back for items I hoped to not need and one in front with essentials. Did not feel either one.

  12. Ha ha, love the Nickelback comment. I recently won a 2XU pack as a spot prize which included a “run belt.” I vowed never to wear it as I didn’t want to be seen in a bumbag, however I tried it once and have had to eat my words. It is super practical, carries my phone and keys and is surprisingly comfortable.

    I just have to keep telling myself that it is a “run belt,” not a fanny pack or a bum bag!

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