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What I’ve been missing out on


Sunrises are right up there in the list of things I never expect to witness myself, along with polar bears cuddling baby owls and Nicole Kidman starring in a movie that I enjoy. And yet, I took this photo early this morning. While I was out running. By myself. Before 7AM. Getting goosebumps yet? Because that is some freaky stuff right there! I was out running before the sun was up. And as if that wasn’t already weird enough, I saw a lot of other people out exercising as well (including a couple of old men doing Tai Chi in the park near home). Was this some sort of gravitational unbalance that made us all fall out of bed before we were meant to? We may never find out… but it was enjoyable and I might actually do it again. 2012 is weird.


3 thoughts on “What I’ve been missing out on

  1. Go on showing me pictures of dawn, coz I won’t, most probably, ever witness it 🙂

  2. You don’t like NIcole Kidman????????????????????????????? Oh, I want to run… Stupid knee.

  3. Beautiful! So worth it huh! I always find it funny how seeing others out and about before sunrise suddenly makes me wide awake and wondering why I even considered staying in bed!

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