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setting up a running playlist


I can’t run by myself without music. It takes my mind away from the whole running process and the right songs help me find my pace and run more comfortably.

When I started running and realised this, I had a bit of trouble finding the right songs to run to. In fact, my running playlist is still (and probably will always be) a working in progress. I realised then that most of the songs in my itunes library were way too slow to set a comfortable running pace and so I spent some time looking for some new stuff to listen to.

I tried running podcasts (there is quite a selection out there) but I just can’t relate to any of those techno beats they usually play in those. I tried audiobooks, thinking that maybe I’d be able to distract myself from the run to the point of focusing only on the audiobook and running longer as a consequence. It didn’t happen. I tried other podcasts but then found myself running on the street and getting weird looks from people as I ran along laughing out loud because of Karl Pilkington‘s theories. Laughing out loud when you’re out by yourself is not only embarrassing but, if you’re running, also screws up your breathing. Lesson learnt.

In the end, I gave in and, one day, spent a good couple of hours googling half-marathon playlists and any recommendations for good songs to run to. There is a lot of stuff out there and I learnt a couple of things in the process:

  1. the songs that help you run aren’t necessarily songs you would describe as being your usually style of music but they still help you clear your head and run at a comfortable pace so you just embrace that.
  2. there is a surprisingly high number of runners out there running to the beat of Celine Dion songs. I’m not sure I understand this.

Anyway, I thought I’d add some of my current running songs to the already large number of such lists on the internet. Because I can.

  • florence + the machine – dog days are over
  • florence  + the machine – kiss with a fist
  • regina spektor – fidelity
  • postal service – such great heights
  • the killers – mr brightside
  • amy winehouse – valerie
  • anika moa – running through the fire
  • gin wigmore – oh my
  • iron maiden – run to the hills
  • arctic monkeys – when the sun goes down
  • cee lo green – forget you
  • mgmt – kids
  • anything by franz ferdinand
  • most songs by vampire weekend
Got any suggestions of good songs to run to? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “setting up a running playlist

  1. Kelly Rowland – Commander, I’m dat chick, Down for whatever
    The Saturdays – All fired up, Higher
    Sugababes – Freedom
    The Pussycat Dolls – When I grow up, Flirt, I hate this part, Painted windows

    These are part of my cardio @ the gym playlist. LOL

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