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In which I act as if getting out of bed is a big accomplishment

Hey sun, you’re big and hot and stuff but it looks like I still got out of bed before you this morning. Lazy.

Today was my third consecutive running day so, obviously, I’m here to brag. Take some time to congratulate me on my awesomeness.

Okay, that’s enough now.

After running 5km on Monday after work and then another 5km on Tuesday after work, I got up a whole hour earlier this morning (A WHOLE HOUR!) and ran 9.5km before work.

As a result, life is looking far awesomer than normal today. I was fairly productive at work and even found time to not only pack leftovers for lunch but also to coordinate the colour of my bag, jacket and boots (my usual morning routine squeezes in shower, coffee and feeding the cat in a grand total of 12 to 14 minutes between getting out of bed and out the door so outfit choices are hardly top of mind). But, see, mum and dad, looks like I’ve really got it together now.

I stop myself from falling asleep while running in the morning by taking random photos with my phone. It’s a legitimate part of training. I say so.

There are a few (well, five) reasons why I’m finding it easy to stick to a running routine this week and I bet you’re dying to know more about them. Or maybe you just emptied out your Google Reader and ran out of You Tube clips of cats attacking their own shadows to watch. Either way, here they are:

1. Running goals I’ve got another half marathon next month, potentially the coolest half marathon in history. Having a specific race to train for always gets me motivated. By “motivated” I, of course, mean scared shitless. As a result, I run.

2. Responsibility I’m trying to follow a training plan and, along with my friend who’s also running the aforementioned half marathon, I’m back in the Google Docs shared training plan bandwagon (if it’s not a thing, it should be). Basically, if I don’t run and he does, I feel shitty. Works a treat.

3. Longer days Fina-freaking-lly. It is now fairly light outside at 7am and still light around 5:30pm. The countdown to spring is entering single digits and I’m obviously pretty excited to kiss this winter goodbye.

4. Running-related reading It might be a sign of obsession that I spend so much time reading up on all running-related subjects. I don’t care. The end result is that I get out the door and run. Win.

5. People pissing me off As a general rule, punching people in the face is frowned upon by society so, instead, I embrace the rage and throw it all down on the pavement. In the end, I get fitter and they remain losers – everyone’s happy. Well, not everyone – just everyone who matters.

So I guess that’s the lesson I’m taking from all this. No matter what your reasons are, whether it’s happiness or stress, too much cookie-induced guilt or just overall frustration at all the idiots in this world, the real important thing is to get out there and run the Oreos off. And even if it sucked at the start and it sucked during it, you get to see the sunrise and then blog about it anyway so in the end it’s all a-OK.


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early morning runs rock

Today, I went for my first run since the Auckland Quarter Marathon last Sunday. The weird thing about it? I ran in the morning, before work. And no, I wasn’t on a late shift.

I jumped out of bed (and by “jumped” I mean slowly rolled out while cursing my life), got into my running gear and headed out of the house. It had to be a very quick process because I knew I was racing against my lack of willpower and laziness. It was 6:45am.

To be fair, it was only a short 5km run so it’s not like I ran a marathon, saved some children from drowning and then baked a pie before doing a full day’s work but, you know, it’s better than hitting the snooze button for half an hour while lying down regretting not having gone to bed earlier the night before.

I’m not entirely sure I’ll ever make a habit of it but it definitely proved to me that, rather than make you tired, exercising in the morning is the productivity boost you need to then be able to go to work and kick the crap out of your to do lists. It also felt pretty awesome to be running while it was getting sunnier rather than running as it starts to get dark (on weekdays, those are my only two options).

It was a good thing I unintentionally went for this morning run on the deadline day for one of the publications I write for. I had what seemed like 4 million words to write before the end of the day and they were all written.

*pause for patting self on the back*

Now I’ve got a free evening to do whatever I want without feeling guilty about not being out running! Yay! Maybe I’ll go running to celebrate. I do need another energy boost if I’m going to tackle today’s NaNoWriMo wordcount…