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I post an awful lot of running-related stuff on my Facebook, often forgetting that my non-running friends and relatives might not actually give a crap about it.

Before I alienate them all and suddenly stop getting invited to birthday parties (and start missing out on free cake), I thought it’d be a good idea to link to those other sites here and then link to this post on Facebook, thus decreasing the number of running-related updates on my Facebook profile and creating the illusion that I actually do have a life beyond running (hahaha, fools).


The Badass of the Week website this week features one of the nicest badasses of all time – Cliff Young, a “toothless 61 year-old potato farmer from Beech Forest, Victoria, who’d lived in a one-room bark hut with six brother and sisters during the Great Depression and showed up to the starting line of the [Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon] race in overalls and rain boots”. We’re talking 875km, people.

So you think “whatever, old dude thought he’d have a go and then realised it wasn’t for him”. Wrong. Try “had a go at it, beat all elite athletes and smashed the record by two entire freaking days”. Head over to the Badass of the Week site for the whole story. It’s a great read, simultaneously inspiring and hilarious.


Running naked (and I mean birthday-suit-type-of-naked, not “naked running” to refer to running without a tracking device or music, like some runners do) has been deemed legal in New Zealand. I’m all for personal freedom and all that stuff but I’m also hoping this doesn’t become a thing.


The Hairpin nailed my usual half marathon training plan. Mine usually has more beer and less trips to Brazil but the rest is pretty much the same.


The T-Rex Runner found and interviewed Thomas, the man in the “50, fat, diabetic, ahead of you” that has been doing the rounds on the internet. You can read all about it here.


Holy muddy shoes, New Zealand has a new magazine dedicated to trail running! Can you tell I’m excited? I’d be happy even if the magazine was a little bit shit because, who cares, it’s about trail running! But not even! It’s really well written, super interesting and with a great design. It wins all around.

I got a copy with my subscription of Wilderness magazine (published by the same company) and headed online for the digital issue. The full digital version is available online for free (!!!) until December 24, by which time you’ll have to be smart enough to realise you really ought to fork out the mere NZ$30 for the yearly subscription.

Righto, that should keep you out of trouble for a while.