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When all else fails, go for a run. Or don’t. Whatever, I’m not your mother.



Oh hi. How’s it going? Me? Well, funny you should ask. It’s been a shitty few days.

But you know, doors closing, windows opening and all that jazz.

In the mean time, like any proper unemployed freelancing journalist, I’ve been busy buying shoes. Not exactly the type of shoes I grew used to buying in times of emotional crisis but the rough looking trail running shoes you see in the image above (taken when they were about 15 hours old and duly christened out in the Waitakere ranges).

When all else fails, go running amirite? I’m sure there’s some motivational poster crap out there on the internet saying that.

Well, that’s not strictly how I’ve been dealing with it, but this is a running blog so on with the running stuff. I picked the shoes up on Friday, after about 36 hours without sleeping (I’M FINE, YOU GUYS, REALLY!), and tested them out on the trails bright and early (except not bright) on Saturday with Steven and Martin. It was precisely zero degrees when I got in the car to drive there to meet them but I didn’t completely hate them for picking that time. Then we started out on the trail and it was really steep and I still didn’t hate them for picking that route. I was still hungover, hadn’t had any breakfast, was running really slow and they also didn’t hate me for any of those things. Once we got to the top and started running down, I went from “not hating” it to actually kind of loving it and ended up having a great time getting the new shoes muddy and disgusting, as they should be.

And then came Sunday and, with it, another early morning to drive out to Waiuku for the third XTERRA run of the season. It was cold and foggy and the drive was long and I spent some of it making a mental list of things I’d rather be doing instead of driving to Waiuku (turns out, quite a few things). But then I got there, picked up my bib and timing chip and hardened the hell up.


XTERRA runs never fail to wake anyone up, not even me. Barely one kilometer into it and I was loving it. Then came the soft sand and I wasn’t loving it so much. I was hating it. In fact, no, wait. Hate isn’t even a strong enough verb to describe how strongly I feel about running on soft sand. You pick a better verb, I’m unemployed. I don’t have to. It was also super foggy which meant the awesome views over Port Waikato were actually just a thick blanket of white stuff. Did I mention the soft sand? And it was freezing! And soft sand. Soft sand everywhere!

Then why the hell did I enjoy it so much? I have no idea. But there you have it. The next XTERRA is on July 21 in Woodhill Forest and you can still sign up and come get muddy too. There probably won’t be as much sand involved this time.

Surely not.

Please let there not be any soft sand.

Regardless, these two trail runs ended up doing wonders for my sanity (if very little for my sleep deprivation). So those idiotic motivational posters on Pinterest might not actually be completely wrong. When your magazine closes down and you’re out of a job, go get some mud on those shoes. You’ll probably feel better if you do.



12 thoughts on “When all else fails, go for a run. Or don’t. Whatever, I’m not your mother.

  1. Lol! You were all good – not sure I could have managed that run on a few hours sleep, the news you had and the hangover. You keep kicking ass πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t know – I think freelance writer sounds much more important than “works for the man.” Sorry about your news – but hopefully a better opportunity will land at your muddy feet. Until then, avoid the sand and drink lots of beer! (Really – I hope things work out quickly for ya.)

  3. Glad that you were able to find some release in the run–healthy and great way to do it!

  4. Nice to see you’ve broken in your Inov8’s well already!
    Sad to hear about your job, but remember runners are the best employees right? You’ll find another.
    I missed Waiuku, but might see you at Woodhill!

  5. Your shoe collection is insane!!! I know where to go if I need a shoe of a particular colour now lol.
    Not so cool to hear that you are now a “freelance” journalist, best wishes finding something way better for you xx

  6. Another door surrounded by stars will surely be opened. Awesome work on the trails;-).

  7. Sorry to hear about what’s happening. Hugs and best of luck in finding a new job.

  8. That place looks beautiful!
    Although how you run without sleep in 36 hours is beyond me! Very dedicated… or perhaps you just needed the time to unwind!

  9. I’ve been there! When I “decided” to go freelance, I really picked up the mileage. It definitely helps to clear your head, just be careful of overuse injuries. Sending a virtual hug your way! You rock!

  10. Damn. Sorry to hear the news. Glad you have a place to turn. Or, run.

    Selfishly hoping this means more blog posts for us. πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, though – take care of yourself. Get some sleep. Things ALWAYS look better after some sleep. I swear. I’ll be…sending you good juju. Or vibes. Or whatever form you take your internationally-sent good-stuff in…

  11. Hey! Not sure if you know Inman or not (hell, I’m not a mind reader), but one of his most recent comics is about running. I’ll just leave the link here…

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