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I went to a Nike run and all I got was a free singlet and a kick in the butt


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You would think that what with being into running and keeping a blog about the subject, I’d know more about stuff like the global Nike She Runs events. You’d be wrong. But last night, I crawled out from under my metaphorical rock and heard about it for the first time.

I’d seen something on Facebook last week about a 10k run organised by Nike downtown on Monday evening so thought it would be a good excuse to resist the gravitational pull towards the couch. I assumed it would be a very low-key deal, just a bunch of ladies getting together for a run along Tamaki Drive, so it sounded like a nice relaxing way to end the first day of the week.


I realised I was wrong when, while walking around trying to figure out where the store was, I spotted the stage with the big screen, the bright lights, the DJ and the wave of pink shirts eagerly awaiting the start of the run.

Definitely not the casual running club thing I was expecting to join.

I filled out a form, got asked what time I was expecting (an hour would be fine, thank you very much), and was then handed a bib with a colour to reflect my expected pace (pink) and given a singlet (also pink) to wear on the run. We were all then told to warm up together by doing a couple of laps around a patch of grass and, since I never warm up before a run (it just adds to the hard work but counts for nothing so why not just run?), I started rethinking the whole idea. But, you know, free singlet.

After waiting around for a while, we took off running along the waterfront towards Mission Bay. It was a nice cool evening and there were a bunch of other runners out there (a lot of them looked like they were doing the Powerade Challenge). The ladies in pink weren’t joking around though and it wasn’t long before a whole bunch of them disappeared into the distance.

Well, shit.

I was going for a nice little jog with the girls. Getting my ass kicked was not part of my Monday plans. At first I thought it’d be ok. I can do my own 10k, at my slow but comfortable pace, no rush. But as the pink wave continued to disappear into the distance, I started picking up my pace too. I blame the bib effect. You’re all set for a nice relaxing run by the waterfront after work, no big deal, but you pin a piece of paper with a number onto your shirt and BAM, you’re racing the world.

It felt horrible for a while. And then I felt horrible about how horrible it felt. I saw a bunch of fresh faces running past me and wondered how they managed to stay like that. Then I realised the answer is pretty simple: training. From what the lady with the microphone had said during the warm up, this was an event that most of the people there had been training for together over the last few weeks. I felt a little like I was crashing someone’s party and I couldn’t even handle the booze. I haven’t trained for anything in nearly three months and I’ve been blaming injury trauma (yes, it’s totally a thing) for the fact that I haven’t been running any decent distances or making any major efforts.

But last night I officially ran out of excuses. It’s been a while since I last had to accessorize my leg with a bag of frozen peas so I’m not really allowed to continue using my knee as an excuse not to get off my ass anymore.

I ended up running faster than I’d expected (at first I thought it had been a personal best but, looking at my previous stats, it turns out I’m just not very good at remembering my times) and took the short detour to Sal’s on my way to the car. I took home one of their massive pizzas and I’m pretty sure I did score a personal best for the time it took me to inhale half of it.

I don’t exactly know how I feel about the whole women-only event thing but I clearly throw any convictions out of the window pretty quickly when there’s free stuff on offer. And giant delicious pizza afterwards.

Checkmate, Monday.


13 thoughts on “I went to a Nike run and all I got was a free singlet and a kick in the butt

  1. A kick in the ass on a Monday? Uh, I would have bailed and gone straight for the pizza and beer. Congrats on sticking it out with the ladies in pink – we do anything for free stuff!

  2. Love the title of this post! Congrats on the tough run!

  3. I really enjoyed this post and great job on the run! Injury trauma is totally a thing, I’m suffering from it right now!

  4. Oh, you have just put into words why I am terrified of group runs. I always feel like I’ll be left in the dust, and I don’t even have injury trauma to blame. You did great, though, and the idea of a consolation pizza is brilliant.

  5. Y’know, when I repeatedly smile and laugh out loud at a post, you know it’s freakin fantastic. Thanks. I have injury trauma too…totally a real thing! 😉 This sounds exactly like the nightmares I have about races, where everyone knows each other, runs super fast, never break a sweat, while I trudge along at a superslow speed and get passed by giggling groups of ladies in pink. Thanks for terrifying me more by letting me know it’s an actual read occurrence! 😉

  6. Nice 10k! I totally agree about the “bib effect”, hard to take it easier when you have that number on you! I did a 5k this past weekend that was all women, I’ve done it before and it’s a great race. It’s probably the only all-female race I’ll do consistently. I like the concept, and it is empowering to be around a lot of women doing the same as you….but I feel like “why did we work so hard to get equality, if we are just going to separate ourselves”…so my thoughts on All-womens races are very mixed…good things but also feel like its a step backward.

  7. Firstly I heard you break the sound barrier, and it was confirmed by office gossip yesterday.

    Secondly, we all know that if you can run 10k in 45min you still say an hour, so that glory is even more glorious; or it doesnt look so bad when an ass kicking is handed out.

    You all maybe female, but that doesnt mean to say the dior mink lined gloves stay on!

    Focus on the positive that you got out, you ran like the wind, did well, finished, scored free stuff, had pizza as the prize AND developed a fan club in my office from it all!

  8. Enjoyed this post! (: You sound a lot like me, always in it for the free stuff and the chance to write about it. Nike runners seem pretty intense on the whole–I just wrote about the Nike Women’s Half Marathon hosted in DC recently and felt a pretty similar vibe–though Nike seems to be really into the swag, so I can’t complain!
    Happy running (:


  9. I’m not sure how I feel about women’s-only events either…pros and cons mmm

  10. Can you imagine a men’s only event? Pity the poor dude who comes last and can’t even have the satisfaction of beating a woman…

  11. I’m scared to do group runs..but I would love to “accidentally” stumble upon a race! Especially if I’m getting free things. Free is always best 😀

  12. I, too, am conflicted about Women’s Only runs…but I’ll admit – the HUGE participant fields at every.single.race. in Singapore are enough to make me jump at the chance for an XX run – JUST so the field is smaller!

    There was a Nike Women’s 5K here on Saturday; unfortunately it directly coincided with another race I was already registered to run. But the finisher’s shirts were pretty sweet! White Ts with orange tiger face thingies on them….is that what you got? They are pretty bad-ass. I’m jealous, actually…

    Also? Yay for free goodies, and Yay for pizza. Winning all around!

  13. Injury trauma is totally a thing. After my “episode”, and still now months later, I get nervous about doing really strenuous activity. Kind of sucks.

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