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Three ways I’ve sabotaged marathon training lately


I’m hereby giving you permission to tell me stuff like “I told you so” and “we all saw that coming” when, in less than 3 weeks, I take so long to cross that marathon finish line that organisers will have packed up, gone home and started work on the 2014 edition. A few reasons why:

– Today, I went for a run. I didn’t even make it to 5km and that included walking breaks because I needed to double check that what I was feeling wasn’t actually both my lungs trying to escape out of my mouth. I’m not even joking. I’m telling myself that everyone has bad days and bad runs and one bad run doesn’t mean you’re out of shape but nothing really justifies what happened today, less than 3 weeks before having to run 42km.

– After that pathetic waste of clean running clothes, I ate curry (because when all else fails, you should just eat curry) and watched a repeat of The Big Bang Theory that contained the scene above. See Penny and Sheldon trying to touch their toes during their warm-up? When I warm up, I’m Sheldon. With the added disadvantage that I don’t even have a cool Flash t-shirt. Again, 42km in less than 3 weeks time. No toe touching. No Flash t-shirt.

– Last Friday, on a whim, I bought flights to Wellington and paid for the registration for the ISC Lenco Half Marathon which happens… this Sunday. A 24h trip to the capital to run 21k along its waterfront. It’s as good an excuse as any, right? Wrong. Less than stellar planning: three days after that, I’m supposed to be doing the final long (like actually really pretty freaking long) run before the marathon.

I laugh, you guys. I laugh so I don’t cry.


23 thoughts on “Three ways I’ve sabotaged marathon training lately

  1. We all have our bad days! Keep your head up and GO! Looking forward to hearing about your stellar run on Sunday!

  2. You can do it! I’m in the same boat about running lately. I’ve been sick more lately and it feels like I’ve slowed down.

  3. You will run perfectly well! And when you finish, just think about all the curry you can eat! Good luck!

  4. You could have done the Striling sport halve with me and my Pro Compression socks this weekend in Auckland and saved yourself a trip to Welly!

    • True! I did that one last year and would totally do it again but couldn’t resist the chance to go run an event I’ve never run before, one low-cost flight down, one flight paid with airpoints back. 😉 Good luck for Sunday!

  5. I am sorry that you are struggling. Running has on time and off time for me too, and I hope you get back to some on time soon. If it helps, here is a Flash t-shirt.

  6. Awww.. sending good thoughts your way, girly! I have similar thoughts about an upcoming 10K that I am doing, so MAJOR props your way for doing a marathon!!!

  7. I feel the same way. I’ve been in limbo lately and instead of just sucking it up and doing what I need to do, I’ve just done nothing.

  8. We all go through a bout of ‘sabotage’ but you will get through it…… Strong mind will prevail

  9. At least you didn’t eat the curry before running! I’ve been known to do that…

  10. You’ll do great, you always persevere. Best of luck with everything, [don’t, literally] break a leg during the Wellington race and yay for curries! I’ve always heard about the up and downs of running so this is a bit of a down and it’s better that happens now (rather than later). Look on the bright side – whatever will get you through this rough patch you’ll use to your advantage later on.

    And GET a flash t-shirt. It rocks!

  11. You can do this! Bad days happens, just try to reload and stay positive. You CAN do this, with or without toe touches! 🙂
    Sending some of my left over running energy, a pair of extra lungs and happy thoughts in case you need it

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