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What if you got hurt today?



Am I the only super pessimist runner who, on solo runs, always spends sometime wondering about all the bad stuff that could happen that very second and how would anyone she knows find out about it? Just me? Surely not.

I’ve had my share of near-misses with cars (but nothing that’ll make me give up my iPod while running) and I know there’s a reason even 5k events have ambulances stationed at certain points along the course. Bad stuff can happen any time, whether you’re out on a long run away from home or on a quick jog around your neighbourhood.

Oh dear. If you came here to be cheered up, it really wasn’t your best choice, was it? Here, have a look at this squirrel kissing a kitten. It’s okay. You’re not about to be hit by a car while you’re singing along to Will.I.Am and Britney during your run. Probably. Maybe. I mean, who knows, right?

The truth is… you might.

(I’m sorry. Here, look how this kitten hugs his teddy bear!)

But what if you do? Or what if you just get heat stroke and collapse? Or you trip and fall and hit your head? I mean, how many times has that almost happened to you while running?

(Cheer up. You almost fell but you didn’t and you made it home. Look at this panda cub trying to reach the window!)

Anyway, I usually take my phone out with me on my runs, mostly so I can take crappy photos to populate my Instagram and so I can check my email when I’m waiting for the green light. These days, my supposedly super rugged phone is a super rugged piece of crap, though. It takes me about 3 minutes to even load my contacts’ list so, if I’m in a life or death situation, I’m not going to sit there waiting for it to work. Especially because it’ll probably crash twice before actually loading any contacts and if there’s something I don’t need is an anxiety attack over the phone, on top of whatever else is already happening to me.

But even assuming that my phone worked properly (one of these days I’ll stop being such a cheapo and I’ll buy a new one), how many of you have a pin code on yours? So yeah, in a lot of cases, even assuming the stars align and you take your phone and it works properly, it’s still really not the best solution. I have an ICE number on my phone (I recorded it during a First Aid course I took last year), but I don’t want to rely on someone else being able to navigate to that, especially in a situation where timing might be everything.

So I went analog for safety while running and got myself a Road ID wrist band.

I thought I would only wear it out during long runs but the model I got is so discreet that I actually wore it for a couple of days before taking it off. I pretty much immediately forgot it was on my wrist (and I don’t normally wear bracelets anyway).

You can choose out of a few different models, with different colours and sizes (you can even get stuff like a tag for your shoe laces, if you prefer that to a bracelet) and the whole ordering process is very straightforward. You choose everything that gets engraved in the stainless-steel plate. The website has a bunch of suggestions of what to add, if you’re not sure, including tips on what medical information to give and even some inspirational quotes. It shows you what your bracelet will look like and gives you the option to make changes at any time during the process.

Living in New Zealand, I’m pretty used to getting ripped off on shipping costs from some US-based sites so paying around $2.50 for shipping was a really pleasant surprise (only about $1 more than to ship within the US). I got an email informing me that the bracelet had been shipped just two days after ordering and had the package in my mailbox in the time they said it would take for it to arrive.

The bracelet came in a neat metal tin and the Road ID website includes a section on how you can “think outside the tin” and re-use it, which I thought was a really nice touch (also, emergency wine glass!). It included a brochure letting me know that Becky had carefully packaged my bracelet (I’m a sucker for details like that) and some coupon codes to hand to my friends, along with the history of the company.

Road ID have a bunch of other items, all dedicated to safety outdoors (like high-visibility and reflective running and cycling gear) that I encourage you to check out. The bracelets are almost essential to any outdoors athlete, whether you’re a runner or a cyclist, but I think they’re a good idea for anyone who gets out and about (because, well, shit happens). I know a lot of keen hikers who should definitely invest in one of these.

If anyone looks at it and wonders if I’ll ever need it… I really hope I don’t. But I reckon 20 bucks is a pretty low price to pay for peace of mind (not just yours but of those around you too). And if you think it’s unnecessary, I hope I never have to prove you wrong.

My ability to conceal my emergency contacts' information from the internet is only as good as MS Paint allows it to be. Don't judge.

My ability to conceal my emergency contacts’ information from the internet is only as good as MS Paint allows it to be. Don’t judge.

Road ID has emailed me a discount code following my purchase. The code is ThanksVera22242623 and can be used 20 times in the next 27 days (it was valid for 30 days but they sent it 3 days ago and I was too lazy to blog about it then). Go ahead and get $1 off now.

This is not a paid/sponsored post. Road ID didn’t not contact me about writing this. I paid for my bracelet like everyone else and I’m writing about it because I truly believe it’s a great product that everyone should consider getting.


12 thoughts on “What if you got hurt today?

  1. I need to get one of those. I’m thinking my husband and I can give them to each other for Valentine’s Day. Pretty darn romantic. Also, you can search for discount codes on the Internet. And don’t worry…you are not the only pessimist runner. My imagination can get pretty out of control sometimes. I’d have even more peace of mind if the bracelets floated, were glow- in-the- dark and had some kind of beacon device! 😉

  2. I love Road ID and have had two of them. Need to replace mine again because my medical crap changes all the time. lol Wore it 100% of the time when it was actually accurate. May put it on again anyway.

  3. I love my road ID and actually just wear it all the time so I don’t have to worry about putting it on when I go and run. I figure it’s always better to be safe then sorry

  4. My wife bought me one for my last birthday. Super light, don’t ever know its on.
    I’ll wear it until it falls off.

  5. I love technology like that. You never know what can happen. I had a run going towards Coromandel from Thames one day, didn’t think about the fact that running on the side of the road where every step on the right foot was higher than the road on the left, so ran lopsided for ages, long story short, very long limp about 5 km back again. Lots of dangerous corners and no footpath. But ultimately I just love technology, Some reader ought to buy you a new smartphone!

  6. I’ve thought about getting one of these! I have contact info on my running belt and my phone, but I still think a Road ID would be a good idea. My parents, being parents, are kind of nutzo about my safety, so I’m sure I could convince them to gift one of these to me for my b-day!

  7. I got a Road ID for my birthday this year – I love it, and it gives my family peace of mind to know I have identification on me at all times while I am running. Their prices are options are great too that you can get so many different products.

  8. The hubs keeps trying to strap one on me. So far I have avoided it. But perhaps it’s time to bite the bullet and order one….

  9. I always think those a little cheesy, and assume all my information is in my phone in case of an emergency, but the more runners I see post about this, the more I understand its importance! I don’t run a lot, but plan on doing a little more training in the springtime; and being single and living alone, would be nice to have a little security if something went wrong!

  10. Great post. But mine didn’t come in a tin. : ( lol anyway. I’ve actually been attacked by a strange man while running. I was “saved” by a biker that came around the corner. I ran home and immediately hopped online and ordered one. I was wearing it everytime I ran, but i’ve fallen out of habit! Thanks for reminding me! Also, those pictures were super cute.

  11. I just ordered mine a couple days ago! I figured it was time to invest, since each time I bring my ID with me I always forget its in my arm band and then when I need it I can’t find it so I stopped bringing it. Whew. Also, I’m always playing out terrible disaster scenarios not only of what could happen to me, but also what could happen to my house while I’m out. I’m usually convinced that my place is on fire and my cat is dead. It’s kind of stressful.

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