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Amazing people doing amazing things – the Michael Stewart edition


Here I am, worrying about running 1 marathon months from now, thinking it’ll be my biggest feat ever. And just a few hours south from where I live, on the same island, is Michael Stewart, gearing up for his 500th marathon this coming Sunday.

Yep. Five hundredth. Take a second or ten to digest that.

He ran his first marathon 42 years ago and is currently sitting on marathon number 499. All going well this coming Sunday, 42 years to the day, he’ll cross the finish line of the his very special marathon – the Michael Stewart’s 500th Celebration Marathon, a 42.2km run from and to Pinehaven Community Hall in Upper Hutt.

Stewart, also known by some as Mad Mike or Rainbow Man, is known for his bright running gear and so the marathon has a “pink” theme. He will be running with a number of “100 Club” members – people who, like him, have run over 100 marathons.

This weekend, while I probably sleep in and then moan about having to go for a longer-than-normal run, Mad Mike, rubbish truck driver and marathoner extraordinaire, will be setting a southern hemisphere record.

If you’re from the region and keen to enter, it’s only $40 and promises to be a really special event. To sign up, you just need to fill out and post this form.

Click here to read more about the 60 year old from Lower Hutt putting us all to shame and don’t forget to send him some good vibes on Sunday.

photo credit: Hutt Valley Marathon Clinic’s Flickr page


4 thoughts on “Amazing people doing amazing things – the Michael Stewart edition

  1. That is amazing. I’m not sure i’ll ever even get to 100 marathons. I’m not even close to 100 races and I’ve been doing this for 10 years.

  2. Wow. 500 marathons is almost as freaking crazy as Michael’s running outfit there! What an inspiration! I’ve only done *2* fulls and am still completely traumatized! Just WOW!!!

  3. Really amazing! When I ‘m at the age, I can’t imagine what I would be like. Even to a young man, this is also a tough work!

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