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2 thoughts on “Mt Yasur erupting on New Year’s eve

  1. Very beautiful photos

  2. The Mount Yasur has a unvegetated pyroclastic cone with a crater 400 m in diameter.
    The Mount Yasur is an volcano on Tanna, (Island) which was active in the Pleistocene, with a height of 361 m located on the coast near The Golan Group (Grupo Golan)

    In 1774 the glow of the volcano was what visited Captain James Cook on the first European in the island.

    The mountain is a sacred area for (incredible) the John Frum cargo cult.

    The cult revere John Frum, The village of Sulphur Bay is the center, The cult a deified messenger who foretold the bringing of wealth to the island by American forces, and believe he resides in Mount Yasur.

    Because of the importance of the volcano to the tourism industry in Tanna, the local government has created levels to restrict people’s access

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