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a stressful end to the year, a nasty throat infection, a whole lot of coughing, not nearly enough sleeping, another weird summer christmas that didn’t really feel like christmas. but on the bright side, the beach, sunshine (well, occasionally) and a holiday about to begin. you don’t even mind the crappy phone photos, do you? see you next year, when hopefully I’ll be infection-free and a lot more relaxed. Here’s to another year of fun and keeping to new year resolutions!


4 thoughts on “lately…

  1. cheers, darling, cheers!! ❤

  2. I share with you the sore throat and cough all over Christmas! I’m looking forward to a healhy new year!
    Happy and healthy new year to you too!

  3. hey? you OK? My cough is just about gone now but I went for Jog on Monday and that stirred up my chest and I was coughing badly all that night. I am just still congested but OK. How about you? are you well Now?
    Hope so……
    Take care 🙂

    • hey tony,

      almost recovered, I think, just the occasional coughing fit to get rid of and I’ll be hitting the road again (haven’t run in about 2 weeks and I’m really missing it!). Hope you feel 100% soon! Thanks for caring! 🙂

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