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a flying visit to singapore


I travelled to Singapore on Monday, have now been here for about 48 hours and I’m already sitting in the hotel lobby making the most out of my free wifi connection before heading out to the airport before starting my 15 hour journey back to New Zealand.

I got to stay at a gorgeous hotel, the Marina Bay Sands, which is where the Infinity Pool (photo above) is located. It’s supposed to be a big attraction for crazy people who, unlike me, don’t think the combo water + height (the pool is on the 57th floor) is too scary to be fun. It’s really pretty, though. From a safe distance.

The area where the hotel is located is super flash and modern, with lots of skyscrapers and interesting buildings for my eyes to feast on.

I took advantage of jetlag and managed to go for two early morning runs (me and early mornings, now that doesn’t happen often!). I also went for a couple of evening walks and felt completely safe doing so. I know NZ isn’t exactly the world’s crime capital but I did feel slightly safer here.

Anyway, time to head out to the airport. More posts on Singapore to come, I’m sure. I’ll have to tell you all about how I caught up with the lovely Lua and we laughed and shopped and got rained on and I had an amazing time.

And to top everything up, I went into the supermarket and found Chocapic! It’s called Koko Krunch here and it’s got a different dude in the package (not Pico) but it’s still tastes like my favourite breakfast cereal ever (I know it tastes the same because I had already found Koko Krunch in Beijing and nearly died of happiness). I’m going to stuff two boxes in my suitcase to remind myself of Portugal back in New Zealand.


2 thoughts on “a flying visit to singapore

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  2. Just saw this! It was lovely, lovely mesmo 🙂

    Manda-me aquele email com info, sim?


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