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a photo tour of new plymouth, new zealand


New Plymouth is definitely my favourite town in the North Island. Mt Taranaki dominates the landscape no matter where you are in town and it is always a beautiful sight. Because of its similarity to Mt Fuji, Mt Taranaki (also called Mt Egmont) is where the film Last Samurai was shot.

It feels like a sleepy little town, far away from the noise of the big cities, but there is actually quite a lot of action going on in New Plymouth, pretty much all year round.

It is well worth a day stop on a tour of the North Island. Or maybe even a couple of days if you really want to make the most out of all the sights – I could spend a good few hours just inside Pukekura Park, for example.

While you’re in the Taranaki region, a visit to the Three Sisters is mandatory.

and if you stop there at the end of the afternoon, you might very well be rewarded with this:

If you are planning a New Zealand road trip, or even just a road trip around the North Island, this town should definitely be one of the pit stops.


8 thoughts on “a photo tour of new plymouth, new zealand

  1. And if you’re lucky enough to come during the festival of lights:

  2. dias há em que só me apetece chamar-te nomes!!!! lindíssimas fotos!

  3. I spent my first 18 years in this adorable wee city 😀 Very proud of it, and your photos make me nostalgic. It will always be home. Thank you for how beautifully you have captured it for others to see. Nice to hear from you, will keep an eye on your blog. x

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  5. I enjooyed reading this

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