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5 things that have annoyed me lately and 6 things that make it all better


I’ll quit my bitchin’ in just a minute but, for the next few lines, let me use this blog to let out what has been annoying me, okay? Okay, cool.

  • Moody’s pretending that they have any kind of credibility (see here for context, for example)
  • Online stores that don’t ship internationally, totally missing the point of the www
  • Online stores that charge you a kidney to ship something internationally while others will send you cheaper, heavier items for free, from further away (I love you Asos, marry me!)
  • People who get in trouble for doing illegal stuff, admit to knowing they were doing it illegally on purpose and still act all cocky about it and threaten to sue because they were put in jail instead of  a hotel. True story.
  • My hand mixer committed suicide this weekend halfway through mixing flour into the dough for a chocolate cake. I’m currently “hand mixer-less” which is a really bad state to be in.
On the other hand, there are some pretty cool things in life and, contrary to what it may look like early on a Monday morning, I’m not a giant cloud of no.
  • I have a stack of cheap as chips vintage film cameras in working order at home and can’t wait to load them up with some film and start snapping away.
  • I’ve also got a pile of cool old magazines from work (yay for their spring cleaning in winter), full of pretty pictures to look at.
  • Warm milk and a couple of squares of Whittaker’s creamy milk chocolate thrown in it. Heaven.
  • My kitty who sleeps lying on her side like humans (and snoring!) and is the cutest thing ever.
  • Being able to go to the gym at 11pm
  • Good music to help me get through deadline.

Right, final Russian lesson tonight (for the current course) so better finish my homework before heading there. до свидания!


3 thoughts on “5 things that have annoyed me lately and 6 things that make it all better

  1. both online stores that don’t ship internationally aaaaaand online stores that charge outrageous shipping fees irk me to no end. argh!

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