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maybe I’m a little bit obsessed





2 thoughts on “maybe I’m a little bit obsessed

  1. No – obsessed would be if you pretended to be your beloved animal (or dear departed beloved animal) online! 😉

  2. I figured it makes most sense to reply on this adorable picture, and thought it best to do do here so you’d see it. Typing on ph so forgive any autcorrect errors I miss 😀 the way I see it, it’s easy to make an indoor cat into an oitdoor one, but not so much the other way around. I kind if think that as long as a indoor cat is happy inside and not trying to escape all the time, there’s no great need to change it. Of course, if you decide to then that’s awesome, but then if you decide you’ve made the wrong choice, she’s had a taste of outside and will know what she’s missing… It’s tough I know! As I said I still second guess my decision sometimes. And it’s not easy when other people look at you like you’re a cruel prison guard or something. Ahhh I don’t know, but I’m happy because I never have to worry about him getting run over, and he’s happy because it’s all he knows. I hear ya on the “selfish” thing, and yep my decision is more about me than about Wallace… But is still about him too. I hope this makes sense is too hard to review what I’ve written haha. Just see what happens, you have no pressure to make a decision, and I know it’s kinda just a figure of speech but you don’t NEED an “excuse”- she’s your kitty! 🙂

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