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Zara was spayed and microchipped yesterday. It happened much later than it could have been because I had been dreading the day for months, worried about her being in any kind of pain. You can call me obsessed and say I was overreacting but, while she was at the vet by herself yesterday, it was all I could think about. I didn’t make any plans for Saturday to stay home and look after her, in case she felt any pain.

She has spent the day running around the house, hiding from me, giving me “I’m-totes-ignoring-you” looks, and flirting with other cats thought the window.

The lil’ bitch.




gratuitous kitty photo of the day

One of the reasons I really like photos of Zara is this illusion that she actually sits still for longer than 0.7 seconds at a time when the reality is actually quite different. At least through these photos I can pretend I have a normal cat and not a complete lunatic who tries to commit suicide on a daily basis.